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How to Order

Determine Size:
1/2 (height+width) of square, oval, rectangle or other shape emblem.
Circular emblems: Size=diameter
Size of Emblem Size of Emblem Size of Emblem

Determine Colors:
Include background color and up to 7 colors of thread per emblem.

Determine Percentage Embroidery:
All blue areas are embroidery.
All white areas are background.


Helpful Hints

Artwork Big Patch
  Our Art Department is ready to assist you in putting your ideas together for an eye-catching patch. If you are able to supply artwork, please provide a Macintosh disk with files created by Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Freehand, black and white camera ready art, or laser printed line art.
St.Cloud Patch Size
  Patches for hockey jerseys run very large. Most made around 12" to fill the front of the jersey with your logo. The size of your patch is important when figuring costs, if you do not have exact size, approximate size is needed.
Backing, Border, Base Wayne State Warriors Patch

Standards for LARGE Patches:

  • Backing - Heat Seal: when heated, will hold patch in place for ease of sewing on. (also available plastic or plain)
  • Border - Laser Cut w/ embroidered edge.
  • Base - 100% Embroidery on twill base. A small twill edge goes around entire design to be used when patch is sewn onto jersey.
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Big Patch Custom Made Patches Big Patch Custom Made Patches Big Patch
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